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In The Streets with R.J.

When it comes to living life, RJ likes to make sure there is fun to be had while making things happen. He keeps it light and makes sure that everyone in his presence does the same.

In the past decade at WEUP, RJ has successfully served as a personality for mornings, middays, afternoon drive and nights. He found it more fitting to serve as ‘The Man on the Streets’ while delivering the latest in entertainment news for his listeners so that he could continue to split his time between his duties in television and as CEO of his own company, MiddleChild Promotions. Being able to set his own schedule to a degree pushes him to set the world ablaze all while having freedom because he has never been comfortable doing one thing.
RJ was featured in EBONY Magazine’s 2011 October Issue as one of the ten SEXIEST SINGLES in America with Mary J. Blige on the cover. This gave him a bit of encouragement to try modeling from time to time. The future is definitely a destination unknown for RoJay, but whatever the situation you can assure he will have fun getting there! His motto is ‘Enjoy life. You only get one.’
Birthday: May 29th
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Hobbies: If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you will see it involves eating out! I listen to music all day and I am always at someone's restaurant. I love chillin with my family and friends as well. 
Most memorable interview or story: I have interviewed alot of artists, but Pretty Ricky almost scared me! lol
Role model: Martin Lawerence was my role model for a long time from comedy to acting and he even played a radio personality on his TV show. Today, I think I am inspired by a lot of my friends. Everyone is grinding and looking for more.
Favorite food: Lemon Pepper Wings
Favorite sports team and why: I don't have one.
Favorite musician: Monica, Mariah Carey and Trey Songz are my top three picks, but if you spin a good soul R&B record, that's probably where you will find me.
Favorite vacation spot: Puerto Rico and New York have been my favorite places so far.
Favorite TV show or movie: Martin is my favorite comedy show of all time. The Long Kiss Goodnight is my favorite movie.
Why you like working in the Tennessee Valley and WEUP: It's home. So many people knew me before radio, so they really love listening to me and still know that I'm not one of those Hollywood types. I am the same on and off the mic.
Catch me Weekdays 11:45am and 2:45pm with my Entertainment Reports
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